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LuCY JONES has made a poster for the opening night of 'BEAT UNHAPPENING'

Our new monthly night at the Deaf Institute. This means we play records and invite people to do things once a month on the last Thursday of the month. This is a really bad scan of a really nice poster. Sorry Lucy.


Another of the best things we did in the 2008th year of our Lord

was to play Settlers of Catan on this here 3-D game board that was handmade by our friend Tom Settle. It is an actual work of art.
Another work of art that Tom made in the 200th year of our Lord was this:

a scaled-down model of  the shack Henry David Thoreau built and lived in on Walden Pond.

A net of which, will be included in Volume II Issue IV of THE REALEST.

Oh, this saturday Tom will be playing with Former Bullies and Beach Fuzz at a Special Neil Young night at the Black Lion in Salford. 


One of the best things we did in the 2008th year of our Lord

was to order this 'SPECIALL EDITION' of Gilmore Girls from this website.
Like Suzanne's 'tea & oranges' it came all the way from china.



is about tolerance and acceptance and how despite our differences or flaws (which, for better or worse, make us unique and special) we are more the same than we are different.