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we've been on holiday

 right where we live. We both have a week off work and due to various reasons we're not going anywhere. It's actually really good: we are not polluting the world with jet-engine fumes, we did not need any shots, we've been actually enjoying being in the North West of England very much. Nuff games of Settlers, eating out, going to shows. 
On Sunday we ate in our favourite restaurant Brasserie Blanc and watched the last episode of Heroes season 2. At Brasserie Blanc they are giving out these little bits of paper which look a little bit like £10 notes (they are supposed to) and which entitle the bearer to £10 off their bill after they eat a meal. On Monday Laetitia made roasted beetroot, aubergine and peppers with quinoa and a marinaded mozzarella salad with a serious Ottolenghi vibe. Abends, we went to see Noel Coward's 'Hay Fever' at the Royal Exchange Theatre. It was not very good. There were two intervals and we snuck out at the second (sorry Helen) and ate McDonalds to counteract the upper-class-ness of the play and then went to visit Nick and Fliss 
On Tuesday we played tennis and watched the Henry Darger film 'In The Realms Of The Unreal' and then we watched 'Summer Heights High'. Get on the train before people from your office start quoting it and making it not funny anymore.
On Wednesday we ordered the delivery of a veg-box (an actual box of actual vegetables, not mum-slang for a video-game console) from DIG. Then we went to El Rincon de Rafa for food and then to watch Pentangle at the palace theatre (thankyou so much Bernie). They sounded really good too. Except maybe there's something wrong with Bert Janch's voice. Nothing medical I don't think, just like he really needs a drink. We saw him four years ago and it was the same thing. Some kind of milky, white frog in his throat. And then when they encored he was sipping a coke and we thought why didn't he take a sip sooner. 
And then yesterday we hot-wheeled it to Liverpool for the Klimt exhibition.