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THE REALEST is now on sale

at two actual shops. Oklahoma (74-76 High Street, Manchester) and FROM SPACE (142 Chapel Street, Salford). While each of these places is worth visiting and spending money in- you still get the best deal by paypal-ing us. Each issue is £5 postage paid in the uk. Currently available: THE REALEST VOLUME II ISSUE I BLACK MOUNTAIN COLLEGE by LUCY JONES (from us, from From Space and Oklahoma), VOLUME II ISSUE II ISLINGTON MILL ART ACADEMY(from FROM SPACE or from us) and VOLUME I ISSUE I OR 15 MINUTES available from us on demand.

To order any of these paypal £5 to (say which one you want).

If you click on the labels 'Lucy Jones' or THE REALEST' below you can find out more about that particular issue.
The Islington Mill Art Academy issue is the one we (Lucy, Laetitia, Perry & Julia) made in a week in Glasgow as an experimental documentary of the IMAA residency at the Transmission Gallery.

THE REALEST Volume I Issue I features essays, fiction, art and poetry all restricted to one A4 page and 15 minutes in which to fill it. Contributors included James Mansfield, Melanie Laurent, Jeffrey Lewis, James Arnold, Lucy Jones, David Bailey, Nick Ainsworth, Leah Bell, William Hesketh, J. Collin, DIane Cluck, Neil Burrell, Elizabeth Hysen and Lewis Green.

THE REALEST Volume II Issues III, IV and V are in varying stages of completion. Neil Robbins 4 x 4 is just waiting to be printed. This will be launched with a 'Book Launch Party' some time very soon.

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