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if bad things come in threes? Taking this week as an example we will try and solve this mystery.

TONIGHT: Chris Corsano  returns to Greater Manchester for the first time in what seems like a long time to play at Islington Mill. This is something we've tried to hook up a few times over the years and we are glad that GOLDEN LAB have. Promises much, it's always a great show (1). Another great show, in our humble opinion, is 'HEROES' which returns to our screens tonight with chapter 4 or 'fugitives'. S'exciting yes, but they'll repeat it muchos so you should still go to see CC tonight. (2)

TOMORROW: Champions League returns (or begins for real, or gets exciting--depending on your viewpoint)(3) and MAD MEN (4) is on too.

WEDNESDAY: more CL(4.5) and also we take on 'START RUNNING' at SAND BAR. We are 'screening' a rare and special film entitled 'the JOKE' by James O. Incandenza. This is a silent and b+w movie(5) which will benefit from a live and improvised score from J.COLLIN(6) (, the boats(7) and more(8).

THURSDAY: BEAT UNHAPPENING is happening at the DEAF INSTITUTE from 8pm. Legendary Punk VIC GODARD brings his SUBWAY SECT for a rare and special performance(9). Sweet records played (10) and projections shown (11). FREE MIX CD's (12) and more.

FRIDAY: probably something good somewhere(12.5).

SATURDAY: Kaffequeria Cruise ship/cabaret-type party at Islington Mill (13.5)

Based on the 'facts' presented above, we conclude that good things  sometimes come in  thirteen and a halves but that more research is necessary to get anywhere near a real breakthrough. Anyone willing to fund such research should get in touch via email: Putting 'what do good things come in?' as the 'subject'.

Also, the answer, despite the idiom, is not 'small packages'. We do not believe the 'size' of a 'package' has any bearing on the quality or value within said package. We are non-size-discriminative. 
We are leaning towards thinking that the answer is probably quite a lot closer to 3 than we'd previously imagined on account of the fact that 'good things' and 'bad things' are, while subjective, still pretty evenly balanced for most people

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julia said...

yo babesses,
i thought it but now i know it.. good things come in manys.

if you have a spare slot space on 18 april.. divorce are looking for a show in manc. . . . x
theres a video of them playing the christmas show at transmission rounding about, probs on tube to check it.
love you x