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David Bailey made this poster for next weeks TREMBLING BELLS and RAY RUMOURS & the NO-EYED DEERS! As it states this takes place on THURSDAY 16th APRIL at THE DEAF INSTITUTE. Tickets can be bought HERE. Both have excellent new records out which you can buy or download or ignore. We urge you strongly to buy them though and they both have beautiful watercolour paintings on their covers. The Ray Rumours one is painted by Francois and contains a booklet with more inside. Don't know who painted the Trembling Bells one but it's hang-on-your-wall-worthy.

TREMBLING BELLS are an avant-supergroup led by Alex Neilson (who has played the drums with JANDEK, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Six Organs of Admittance, Josephine Foster, Alasdair Roberts etc etc) and featuring members of Pendulums, Lucky Luke and Motor Ghost. Their debut LP 'CARBETH' is released by Honest Jons which is maybe a bigger vouch than we can offer. Full on medieval punk/folk.

RAY RUMOURS & THE NO-EYED DEERS is a long running project of Ros from Electrelane and now of Trash Kit. You can buy her records here.

There will also be artist projections and zines on sale, free mix cds and BEAT UNHAPPENING DJ's.


SOUNDS FROM THE OTHER CITY tickets are on sale HERE and you should buy one sooner than later on account of it always sells out and we do not want you to miss it. Again we are fortunate enough to be hosted by SALFORD RESTORATION OFFICE who are way too busy to clean out their office and have new murals painted and work a bar for the day and yet that is exactly what they will do because they care and hopefully they know we care and that we intend to make it worth more than their while. All of the bands playing are very special to us, some are knew in our lives: LEXIE MOUNTAIN BOYS, PRO TEEN SHEIKHS. Some we've loved forever: FORMER BULLIES(who are rocking new members and have basically invented a new genre), SIR YES SIR. And one that falls venn-like into both categories (you'll see ) FIRST TIME FLYER.

Also Ariel Pink brings his HAUNTED GRAFFITI back to Manchester for the first time since '06 to play FUTURESONIC and we are going to play records there. There is a link to tickets on the top right (or NE) of this page. There is also a Philip Glass concert as part of futuresonic. Among other minimalist righteousness P.G scored 'KOYAANISQATSI', a very important and beautiful film we recomend fully.


We've listened at least 6 times to this David Foster Wallace reading from the Lannan archive. It's half an hour and consists of (what seem to be) fragments from the unfinished and unpublished novel 'THE PALE KING' and 'INCARNATIONS OF BURNED CHILDREN' from 'Oblivion'.

Also been falling asleep (literally and not in a bad way) to the NEW YORKER FICTION podcasts, which are basically a radical a veritable who's who then and now of short literary fiction.

WE ARE YOUNG AND WE ARE TRYING is now available to buy, did we mention that it is AMAZING and that we are proud beyond proud to have our contributions housed in such a fine place.



BEAT UNHAPPENING MIX no. 2 will be downloadable tomorrow!

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