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Above  is a photograoh of the flyer for T.I.T.S, LA LA VASQUEZ, HOTPANTS ROMANCE and A WAKE/a GNOD jam band show which takes place this coming Monday at Trof on Thomas Street in Manchester's Northern Quarter. We are beyond excited. 

Here is a video of T.I.T.S:

Here is a video of Hotpants Romance:

Couldn't find a video of LA LA VASQUEZ but you can read an interview HERE and the GNOD/A WAKE collabo is a one-off or at least a first time thing so no such thing exists yet. We are treading new ground, join us!
This photo of SERFS was taken at the DEAF INSTITUTE last week when they brought out the acoueys* for a rare and vintage treat:
These guys ^ have a new tape out on RAYON called 'Mexican Divorce' which contains sweet solo jams on each side. Buy one quick!

We are sooooo much part of the demographic for this book it makes us sick (in a good way):
Chris Johanson cover! Miranda July blurb! From the writer of Old Joy:


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