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So the Box Elders tour is in full swing,

 if you've not managed to see them yet you may still have a chance and, of course, we URGE you to take it. If you live in Manchester and you couldn't make it for the Box Elders, Former Bullies and Mazes throwdown we've given you another chance to catch them at our last show of 2009 at the DEAF INSTITUTE. 
ARIEL PINK's HAUNTED GRAFFITI are also playing, as are RENT BOYS and EGYPTIAN HIPHOP. It's going to be quite a night- get there early! still tickets available HERE 
And so a chance to repost the B.P.E* from Lucy Jones *

Here are some of the posters for the Box Elders tour:

The one for Leeds  (above) was made by Dave Bailey, one of our good friends (and heroes) who has just opened the best shop in Manchester (It's on the 3rd Floor of Afflecks Palace). An expertly, lovingly and enthusiastically curated glass-cave full of Zines, Artist Books, Comics, Screen-Prints, Tapes and records from around the world. Did he just save Christmas? Is it open 7 days a week? Is it long overdue and necessary?  Yes and Yes and YES- we are so proud to have our tapes and zines in there.
A list of whose wares they stock and some photographs can be found HERE

*Best Poster Ever and available at GOOD GRIEF 

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