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Since ' A Generous World demands Generous Living'

We have two presents for you

One is the long overdue 5th Beat Unhappening mix which we've named 'LOVE MEANS GOOD NEWS FOR YOU' and which runs to some 65 minutes. As usual it can be downloaded for free from the sidebar or else by clicking here email us for track-list or if you would like us to send you a cd of it.

The other is a sampler cd with one song each from Former Bullies, Irma Vep, Waiters and Nathaniel that we've made for Alice White's new zine. When they're gone we'll put it up for download here.

End of Year lists fortcoming


Good Grief! said...

shop playlist...DONE

Danila Usov said...

cannot download beat unhappening mix. could you please re upload it? i really enjoy the other mixes.