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The David Foster Wallace Audio Project is Amazing

and now houses, for your convenience, the long out of print audio-book of 'Brief Interviews With Hideous Men' read by the late author himself. 

Brief Interviews With Hideous Men was first published in 1999 and consists of 23 pieces of short fiction including the 'Examples of the Porousness of Certain Borders' series and the titular 'interviews'. As a collection it presents a deep and heavy meditation on what it is to be a human in contemporary society. It is one of the boldest and most radical books we've ever read. The experiments in form (which are wild and various) always serve the story and not the writer's ego and the 'interview' format totally showcases the deftness and versatility of his voice. The 'interviews' offer unflinching portraits of the  variously flawed men of the title with the detail and precision of a sociological study and the emotional impact of a Lukas Moodysson film.

Download it for free H E R E , listen and be changed, be better.

As is standard audiobook protocol, some of the stories from the print-edition are not included.
The book was adapted for the stage and is now a motion picture. The trailer for which is presented below

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