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Okaaaaay so 'GREETINGS' the 13-song debut long-playing cassette by FORMER BULLIES is now completely sold out! Fear not though as the excellent SUFFERING JUKEBOX have cherry-picked 3 of its ill-est jams for their second 7" (hot on the heels of one by MAZES). AND but furthermore FORMER BULLIES are back with the perfectly-titled 'SEASONED' comprising the 10 best songs written* and recorded in an Edgeley cellar probably ever*. I don't imagine this one will hang around for long either so you'd better order it here. The cover is again  beautifully  screen-printed by Lucy Jones. 

Also before summer's out there Former Bullies will have another slab of vinyl out in the form of a split 7" 45 rpm with WAITERS. And on top of full time jobs and being in other gnarly bands. Who said slackers? 

*1- We cannot fully guarantee that they were written in the cellar.
*2- If there're better we wanna here them.

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