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We're starting to get pretty excited about D.I.Y D A Y now.  As detailed on  the beautiful poster and in a previous post  PLEASE , GOLDEN GRRRLS , PRIZE PETS ,HUMAN HAIR & MAZES all play LIVE. 'The Shield Around the K: the story of K records'  gets its first Manchester airing and GOOD GRIEF!  will be selling their wares. Furthermore the Salford Zine Library comes out of cold storage for an afternoon. So whether you're a browser or a buyer we've got your back. As far as the BBQ goes- we've heard there're gonna be some to-die-for Halloumi-skewers as well as the usual meaty suspects (sorry morrissey). 

Here're some videos of the bands:

Golden Grrrls @ Glasgow Social Centre 18.12.09 from Winning Sperm Party on Vimeo.


Couldn't find a video of Prize Pets but rest assured they're amazing! 
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