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Forgot to mention this

but check out what ROUGH TRADE said about some of our releases. We're almost sold out of all of these now so order quick or else go there


Release Date: 09/08/2010

stunning cassette with individual hand-painted cover for each one. manchester's waiters collect the tracks of their recent japanese only 7" and include 2 extra tracks of guitar-maxed out indie pop. theirs is a sound constantly in the red but completely without bravado or hokum, a take on the classic jamc / shop assistants shamble rambles but on a minimal-fi budget and maximal off-the-cuffness.

dylan's birthday tape

Release Date: 09/08/2010
manchester's diy heroes comfortable on a tightrope push out irma vep's 'dylan's birthday tape'... who dylan is doesn't matter here, what matters is the heartbroken fuzzed out music that's smeared on the reel within. 12 songs of desert fuzz which bring to mind the dead man soundtrack as played by jandek on k records. there's mournfulness, a few nods to the classic drag city doomadeers (smog etc.) and there's whole panoramas of guitar abuse that bleed into the songs like bleach thrown onto a pretty tapestry. through-out the tape there's a great tension between genuine loveliness and an ever-present darkness looming in the corner, and the occasional voice that breaks through the mix is a bitter-sweet desperation that feels totally unique.

live at the klondyke club

Release Date: 09/08/2010
edition of 30. no womb - live at the klondyke club contains x 1 hand- stitched photo book, x 1 embroidered card, x 2 photocopied art prints and a spray-painted and stamped cdr containing a 5 song set, as the title would suggest, recorded live at the klondyke club. no womb batter out a sublime mix of y-pants nursery crimes informed, it seems, in equal measure by the us noise underground, twee-pop, british horror soundtracks and the east coast no wave scene. think dna, mars - one of those jokers with a sense of fun!


Release Date: 05/07/2010
manchester's former bullies have tapped into a overflowing stream of summer melodies, scuzzed up playing and seeped the drips onto a battered dictaphone under their beds. gloriously diy, the group are part of the peerless comfortable on a tightrope collective and share a label with mazes - musically they're in the same dodgem ring, with echoes of a second hand 60s teenagedom filtered through post 90s frayed mind. it's super fun and hazey as a hot suburban street at midday but underneath all the reverb and fuzz there are some brilliant songs waiting to poke through.

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