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On Collaboration

John Lennon said "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" and it is with just such thoughts that we hereby announce a series of collaborations:

  •  With Bruised Tongue , Ottawa, Canada based record and tape label with whom we are making a series of  split-tapes featuring some of our favourite bands from the UK and some of their favourite bands from Canada. Check out the sweet  art work Matthew Walkerdine made:

First up are HORSES and KNIFEMARE:
And there are plenty more coming throughout the year. There will be a subscription option soon or else you can just get them one at a time but get them you must for they are golden.

  • with RIOT COLLECTIVE and club MILK for the Manchester leg of the TRASH KIT and WOOLF tour at Gullivers on April 10th. Here's a poster they made (we'll add ours here tomorrow) followed by a video of each band

Trash Kit - Skin (Live @ Club Milk) from Charles Chintzer Lai on Vimeo.

WOOLF- FISHING WITH LOLITA from Andrew Collings on Vimeo.

  • Then we team up with MIE music for a special night at Islington Mill featuring MI AMI and NO BABIES. The date to write in your diary or on your calendar (we still do that, right?) is Tuesday 19th April.

  • May 1st is Sounds From The Other City with whom we've been working hard to bring this amazing exhibition to Salford for the festival:
as well as a bunch of our favourite bands! SONNY & THE SUNSETS, VERONICA FALLS, GIRLS NAMES, ANIMALS & MEN, FEEL RIGHT & IRMA VEP. All of the details HERE 

  • And then, along with the excellent people at the Deaf Institute, we get to fulfill a long-held ambition and bring Ian Svenonius' CHAIN & THE GANG to Manchester. Below is the beautiful poster Lucy Jones made for the occasion.

  • Also in May, it's our turn to nominate an orator for GENERAL INTEREST's lecture series at the SOUP KITCHEN on Spear Street, Manchester. General Interest is the radically-inclusive-community-art project of two of our favourite people in the history of the world and the brains, hands and eyes of the irrepressible  MUSEUMS PRESS,Jess Higgins and Matthew Walkerdine. We are working on something pretty special for this and will tell you more as it transpires. If you haven't got it yet we highly recommend you purchase their latest opus 'MUSEUMS THREE' which is comprised of 2 x newspapers, 1 x risograph print, 1 x photographic print and 2 x booklets one of which consists of three interviews (with Simon Joyner, Ethan Swan and David Bailey) conducted by one of us (R L Perry) via gmail chat.

    There's more too but we've spent too long on the computer for one day, there are books to read and records to listen to and friends to spend time with and food to cook and eat. 
    Be well, one and all.

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