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David Bailey made a poster for our next show

which takes place on Monday 18th July 2011 at Bar Centro, Tib Street, Manchester. FELIX MULLER,  Rob Walmart and Cole Moldy all reside in Portland, Oregon - home of the record labels that combine to give a name to this tour: 'H as In' (ran by Felix) and 'Marriage' (the label set up by a 15-year-old Adrian Orange and the first label to release music by THANKSGIVING, Y▲CHT, LUCKY DRAGONS, tUnE-YaRdS, Rob Walmart and etc/ one of our own personal inspirations) and will each perform a set of their own as well as forming a band for Felix Muller- in fact don't be too surprised if they all play with each other.
Felix's songs occupy a space in our minds and hearts right next to THANKSGIVING/ Little Wings/ Microphones/ MT Eerie which is a special place indeed and we are very excited to welcome him for his first Manchester performance. If you can remember the first Manchester performance of any of those other guys you'll know this is going to be special.

David Bailey has an exhibition 'Flesh & Bone' at Common, a shop 'GOOD GRIEF!' at the Soup Kitchen, a new collaborative painting with Bryony Jackson in the 'Bright Tomorrow' Exhibition at the Art of Tea in Didsbury (where a Good Grief! concession is open for the summer months/duration of the exhibition) and has recently started a food blog.

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Novelty Pens said...

What a great poster! Very Creative! How was the show?