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Since the world is running out of money and it cannot be long before a rat becomes a unit of currencyso it becomes more important than ever that we humans think carefully about how we choose to dispense our funds---hard-earned or otherwise. It is with this consideration in mind we attempt to divert some of your attention to  two projects we sincerely believe are worth investing in.

SIMON JOYNER has long been one of our heroes and is, was and forever will remain a source of inspiration to us. The first Comfortable On a Tightrope show was set up for Simon Joyner. We celebrated our 3rd Anniversary by booking a UK Tour for him. And hopefully 2012 will see him return to our shores once more. You can help make this  more likely and practicable and snag yourself some rare and beautiful artifacts all at once by following the links below.

The 6 years since Diane Cluck released a new album have felt like an eternity. We've been fortunate that, throughout that time, she's made annual visit's to the UK and performed shows wherein we've heard some new songs but that's no consolation for the absence of new recordings. Thankfully, the wait is almost over. For 6 months, from March through 'til September Diane Cluck will write, record and disseminate a  song a week. The project is called, simply 'SONG OF THE WEEK' . You can read all about it and donate HERE

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