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BIRTHDAY TAPES MMXII explanatory notes

At the beginning of the MMXIIth Year of our Lord we started a new collaborative with our sweet-hearted friends GIANT HELL.
We called it BIRTHDAY TAPES, as it was to be in concert with the cosmos and zodiac-affiliated and but also because we wanted each object to feel like a gift, wrapped as they are specially commissioned ark work.
Essentially a 'singles' club with one split release per zodiacal month.
So in MMXII there will be contributions from 24 different bands /recording artists and 12 visual artists/ image makers/ illustrators.

You can listen to the 7 so far below.

The series can be subscribed to HERE or digitally HERE.

Alternatively individual releases can be purchased HERE or digitally HERE

There a still a few full subscriptions remaining, which, in addition to all 12 tapes, also include a hand-mae wooden box to keep them all in courtesy of WINEBOX PRESS as well as some other surprises  and printed matter.

If you have any questions please direct them to: or

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