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CHAIN & THE GANG at KRAAK Monday 26th November 2012

It is with great pleasure we announce the return to Manchester of the mighty CHAIN & THE GANG.
Remember when Rock and Roll was going to  at lest try to change the world? They do! And one night and one town at a time they've been doing exactly that. Now three albums in, the most recent 'IN COOL BLOOD' is out now on 'K', CHAIN (aka Ian F Svenonius of the Make-Up, Nation of Ulysses, Weird War, Felt Letters and etc) has a new GANG---this time comprised of M'Ladys Records mavens Brett Lyman (Bad Thoughts, Saturday Looks Good To Me) and Fiona Campbell (Coasting, Vivian Girls), Katie Alice Greer (last heard, in our house at least on 'Desire' by Duck Duck Grey Duck aka MR001-the first ever release on Mississippi Records) and  Martha Fabi Reyna (of Reynosa, Modern Marriage and She Shreds Magazine) and tomorrow for one night only they perform live in Manchester at Kraak, Stevenson Square.

It's been a while since TRASH KIT last  came to play in Manchester, though you may have had the privilege of seeing some of their other bands HALO HALO, SACRED PAWS, GOLDEN GRRRLS, ELECTRELANE in the past couple of years.   Anyone  present at the Trash Kit /Grass Widow show in 2010, or those in possession of their LP on Upset The Rhythm or split 7" with WOOLF on Milk, will need no reminder of how necessary it is to see TRASH KIT live. Below is an audio/visual postcard from the aforementioned GW/TK tour:

DINNER PARTY have one album 'Swinging' available from Life Dunk International and will get the party started as only they know how.

Our friends from THE VAULT will be providing between-band entertainment (no respite), playing 45's into the night

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