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A Recipe, a reminder and some amazing records

Tonight we ate three different salads for the third consecutive night. This means it is summer and it is hot in the kitchen. The veg box from DIG did not really work out, we are thinking maybe about 'Limited Resources' instead. Last night we had Chargrilled courgettes, aubergine and haloumi with roasted baby tomatoes, couscous with dried apricots and pistachio and a cucumber and poppy seed salad which were all Ottolenghi or Ottolenghi-inspired. Tonight we had a white tuna salad, a grated carrot salad with french dressing and a classic tomato & avocado number.The next night we ate whale the next night we ate whale the next night we ate whale. The recipe below was learned from Inigo Ugarteburu and Ana. Inigo plays with Cafe Teatro and carcascara. You can buy their records from TALO records along with one by Atanas Arkestra. All three are amazing and housed in beautiful hand-made sleeves. There are only 125 copies of each. We're going to try and buy some to re-sell from here, at which point we'll write more about them.
Oh, and also the hardest to find and one of the most hard hitting Simon Joyner records entitled 'The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll' has been re-issued by Team Love. This is the record that made history when John Peel (R.I.P) played it in its entirety on his radio show. It is worthy of that high honour and then some. Also, we have some of the last remaining original-issue Simon Joyner LP's for sale. I think we have some 'Heaven's Gate', 'Songs for the New Year and maybe one ' Yesterday, Tomorrow & In-Between'. Email if you're interested. They will be cheaper than ebay and plus all of the money will go to Mr. Joyner.

preparation time 20 minutes
Ingredients (optional if *)
A glug of good and spicy spanish or portuguese olive oil
One tea-spoon/ a pinch of Sweet, Spanish Smoked Paprika (Perry/Laetitia)
Couple shallots or one french white onion or a light red onion (very finely chopped)
A handful of olives (very finely chopped)
The juice of two lemons
A clove of garlic*
Sea Salt & Black Pepper
Some Fresh herbs (basil, baby thyme, parsley, coriander, whatever)*
Mixed salad leaves (a bowl full)
One jar or tin Spanish White Tuna in oil (if you can't find that you can use yellowfin, but it is worth the effort to find)
One or two sweet peppers
A handful of cherry or baby-plum tomatoes*
Some really good stale bread, roughly torn into bite-sized bits (this is the star of the show, do not leave it out, it absorbs all of the dressing and makes a meal of the whole thing)

Mix the dressing and and then add to the tuna and leaves. Finally add the bread and, gently, scrunch it all together (is it possible to 'scrunch' gently. Eat with Friends.

Then come and watch NISENNENMONDAI at the deaf institute. Golden Lab will be providing you with your second oppurtunity to buy their amazing zine 'BREAD' and you will have one of the first oppurtunities to pick up 'The Rookie Files' which is a new zine of interviews which are both radical and nice.

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