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LUCY JONES has made a poster for KATH BLOOM

's show at ROWF ROWF ROWF (Golden Lab's lovingly and expertly curated two-day FESTIVAL) at Islington Mill this weekend, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th August 2008.
And so two once in a lifetimes become one and at no extra cost. Rowf Rowf Rowf was already 'chocca' with must-sees (Richard Youngs, Spectre Folk, Directing Hand, the great SERFS reunion, Jacob Olausson, Beach Fuzz & more & more) and now, on her first ever visit to the UK, legendary singer-songwriter Kath Bloom will be playing too. Eagle-eared aficionado's of 1990's american independent cinema may well know Kath Bloom from the scene in Linklater's seminal 'Before Sunrise' whereby the newly acquainted couple of Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke (who would rise to international super-stardom as author of 'Ash Wednesday') decamp to the back room listening booth of a Viennese record store and listen to Kath Bloom sing 'Come Here'. Or else, you may know of her early collaborations with Loren Mazzacane Connors. Or else, you may not yet be familiar with the music of Kath Bloom. We are delighted to declare that you'll get your chance this weekend.

Thanks to Cafe OTO (for inviting her to the UK), to Golden Lab (for letting her join the bill) and to Lucy (for the beautiful poster).
Furthermore, the next weekend (SAT August 30th) is Manchester Zinefest at Urbis, where you'll get a chance to buy, or just look at but hopefully buy amazing self-published books and zines from various peoples including David Bailey, Black & white Cat Press and more. THE REALEST volume II issue I by Lucy Jones will be available at this time and place too.

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