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There is a lot happening

is something we might say right now if you were to ask us what is happening. In the part of time the english speaking peoples of the world call 'Future' there is even more happening than in the part of time we call 'Past'. That is a good thing. Do not be afraid.

On Tuesday 9th of September KELLEY STOLTZ is in town to play at the Deaf Institute. It will be a special night. We will be playing amazing records in between the amazing bands and your ears will like you for attending. As well as Kelley Stoltz's 2008 take on the San Francisco rock idiom, you will get to check out SEABEAR (from Reykyavik, morr music), GREAT GRAND SUNS (MO: write really beautiful melodic songs;play them really fast and overdriven) & Butcher the Bar (also morr music). It will cost £5. It will start at 8 'o' clock.

DAVID BAILEY, he who drew the poster above, has a brand new comic for sale. Entitled ROCKNROLLA, it is an hilarious re-imagining of the new Guy Ritchie film of the same name. You should definitely buy it here

THE REALEST volume two issue one is done and very nearly dusted. Some home-printed prototypes were sold at the momentous Manchester Zinefest. The master copy is currently in the hands of the master printers MARC and we are seriously excited. It consists of 13 portraits of Black Mountain College alumni by Lucy Jones bound in the style of a 1960's French Government Folio with a drawing of the Studies Building of said institution on the front. Like love, It is a beautiful thing. Like a miracle, it is a sight to behold.

If you paypal £5 you can be the proud owner of one of the one hundred available copies.

The magazine BREAD is still very much available from Golden Lab and selected retailers. It has a story by one of us (R L Perry).

THEN, Saturday September 20th we head back to the Klondyke Snooker, Bowls & Social Club on Burnage Range in Levenshulme for a triple-threat of returners. THANKSGIVING is out of retirement and playing first ever solo manchester show. Everytime Adrian Orange opens his mouth to sing, the history of the world is rewritten; everybody is equal, the future is beautiful. The last sentence is an attempt to out-do previous Thanksgiving/Adrian Orange/LYLLYS/AJO hype. It is difficult, he is amazing. Check K recs and marriage for free songs.
Rozi Plain has a new album, she will sing from it and from elsewhere. We are delighted to welcome her back.
The last time we asked Former Bullies to play Nick had surgery on his knee. It was to fix an injury but we think he might have had a nip/tuck-type thing done too. His legs look like David Beckhams. Maybe he'll wear shorts. Maybe not. The sure thing is that Former Bullies are a sure thing.

Oh, a heads up for Phoning It In, the radio show where Nadav calls people up and gets them to play songs over the phone. Not just anyone though. Many of our absolute favourites: Simon Joyner, the Bruces, Julie Doiron, Thanksgiving, Kath Bloom... And they just added Diane Cluck's appearance which you can listen to for free and which might well be our favourite music ever. Check it out.

One last thing, HEAR HERE 2008 is ON. SIC ALPS, ANNI ROSSI, ROLLIN HUNT & more. + LOOK HERE- our first ever art exhibition and a screening of a very special film. Sunday October 5th at Islington Mill.
More of this and that to follow. Life goes on. YES!

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