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LUCY JONES has made a very special poster for 50th show anniversary PARTY!

which is co-hosted by LAMB AND WOLF. This is a scan of one of them. The originals feature 5 layers of printing and two different printing methods. They are truly amazing and beautiful and we are grateful indeed.

Here is the most recent video we could find of NISENNENMONDAI, who are one of the most amazing bands we've ever seen

& one from the show at the Deaf Institute last year. It's the first song of the set and  kind of only begins  about two minutes into the video so maybe skip it on a bit.

We've somehow managed to never see Marnie Stern before (we were dj-ing in an adjoining room when she played at futuresonic) and we are so excited to see her this time around as you should be too. Here's her new video:

Both Marnie Stern and Nisennenmondai have raised the bar for virtuoso everywhere by proving that you can show your skills in an envelope-pushing, jaw-dropping way without compromising POP sensibilities or Danceability; That you can make ENJOYABLE music that is also serious and rewarding and visceral.

 We are also beyond excited to announce the first ever Veronica Falls show in Manchester too!  You can download or listen to  'Found Love In A Graveyard' HERE.
 And see a triptych photograph of them right here. 

As well as these three, Mazes and Tartufi are also playing and there will be dj's and Barbecue and it only costs £8 HERE
We urge you to buy tickets in advance as capacity is limited and it will cost more on the night

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