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The Sticks and Finally Punk played a killer show at the deaf institute the other week

and then got facemasks.

Then it was one of our birthdays and Lucy made an exquisite macadamia and caramel cheescake. 
We watched the film 'Ladies and Gentleman: Mr. Leonard Cohen' that Lucy andNick delivered. The Canadian Film Board basically followed him (Mr. Cohen) around Montreal for a few days in 1964 and filmed him variously smoking, 
giving readings 
and generally being Leonard Cohen. A special film and a great gift.

More  amazing Canadian-government-subsidised  Art was proffered birthday-wards  in the shape of the latest and most-deluxe graphic novel by Seth (the coffee-table opus 'Vernacular' is maybe equal in terms of book design, paper stock and printing and even contains more pages and but is a collection of sketches assembled into a book). We highly recommend you check it(and all of his other work) out. Beautifully designed and structured and also really human and emotionally warm and involving. 
Which could also be said about the new and thoroughly comprehensive Mike Mills book 'Graphics Films'   from alleged press documenting his era-defining sleeve-art for Sonic Youth and the Beastie Boys to the meditative and beautiful 'Humans' and 'Fireworks' nieves books and the films 'Thumbsucker' and 'Does Your Soul Have a Cold?'. Wow!
Also, last night we saw, and clandestinely photographed, the Young@Heart chorus at RNCM. It was the first night of their new Manchester International Festival commissioned show 'End of the Road' and it was one of the most uplifting and heartwarming events we've ever borne witness too. Inexplicably, there are still tickets remaining here

Next week we are going to see Laurie Anderson, 

who is one of our heroes. Since becoming a pop star with the 8-minute long smash 'O Superman' she's developed pioneering electronic instuments, made a bunch of films, been NASA artist-in-residence and read the audiobook of Don De Lillo's 'the Body Artist' as well as loads of other stuff. Her husband, who apparently used to be in a band or something is also playing.

Also, a reminder that if you BUY AN ADVANCE TICKET for Friday 24th July's NISENNENMONDAI,MARNIE STERN, VERONICA FALLS, MAZES, TARTUFI summer party it will be CHEAPER than if you just show up

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