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A NEW POSTER and an amazing deal

Lucy Jones made this poster* for BEAT UNHAPPENING which returns, in earnest, in September.'Twill be heaps better than before, no let-downs, original event-specific artist projections, zine and record distros, live performances and Beat Unhappening DJ's. Round one takes place September 15th and, so far, is set to feature an exclusive (outside of London) performance from Tune-Yards of Portland, Oregon whose beautiful record 'bird-brains', which first dropped on marriage is about to get a more full-on worldwide type release courtesy of 4AD and a set from Irma Vep. Oh yeah and for one week from today you can book your place for just £1 (ONE  GBP). This is because WE really want YOU to come. 
Just paypal £1 to before saturday 7th august with your name and that's it. From 7th- 14th it will be £2. From 14th- 21st £3 etc. etc.


*The lettering is pressed from hand-made stamps! 

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NEW EARS said...

great looking gigs coming up. i doff my cap to you sirs.