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The excitement surrounding

the new Simon Joyner LP 'Out into the Snow' is mounting considerably. If you've not yet had the pleasure of hearing this great mans music, it's a good time to start. And the sweet folks at TEAM LOVE are making it really easy; the title track and 'Roll On' are up for your listening pleasure and if you join the Team Love library you can download a free retrospective consisting of  9 songs from the Simon Joyner songbook. If you pre-order the new LP you'll receive a  45rpm 7" with two new, exclusive songs. As if this wasn't too exciting already there are also new T-shirts designed by  our bro' Dave Bailey. The eagled-eyed amongst you may recognise the bullet-ridden skull as tweaked from  the 2007 Simon Joyner UK tour poster. Whatever, it's a beaut in either colour.

The D-Train, as well as taking the three-panel 'Daily'-type comic strip into the 4th dimension with Flesh & Bone, is a contributor to Jess Higgins' amazing new zine/life-project 'MUSEUMS' for which we are helping plan a launch (in OCTOBER) and are busy compiling a compilation tape to accompany which, hopefully, will feature (amongst 85 other minutes of bomb tracks from around the world) a new and exclusive Simon Joyner track. *

*the cyclical nature, convenient segue and narrative resolution/self-containment of this post was inspired by Curb Your Enthusiasm (in general) and (specifically) the episode wherein LD drools on the M.D at 'The Producers'. 

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