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On the left of this photograph is a new one-page zine about songwriting by Nick Ainsworth, it is hilarious. On the right is a new 12-page zine from Dave Bailey which is even funnier than 'come dine with me', not as depressing and infinitely deeper. It's all punch-line so even if you have absolutely nothing by way of attention span and only the most basic understanding of the english language it will still make you laugh. guaranteed. Don't know where you an buy these from yet but it's a safe bet there'll be copies of each circulating at the following events:
TUNE-YARDS at Trof NQ on Tuesday 15th September 2005.
This is the only TUNE-YARDS headline show outside of London in the middle of tours with Dirty Projectors and Max Tundra. This is her first trip to the UK since her appearance at the Breeders-curated All Tomorrows Parties and since 4AD re-released her amazing 'BIRD-BRAINS' lp, about which rough trade said "[it] comes across like a self-contained Sublime Frequencies compilation. Jumping between blues, african chants, reggae-esque sprawls and lo-fi folk...infused with worldly sonic buzz of M.I.A and the spirit of post-punk pioneers the Raincoats". Seriously, this will be amazing and the last chance you'll have to see her in such an intimate space. Tickets strongly advised.
TEEN SHEIKHS, Former Bullies and Waiters at ISLINGTON MILL Friday 18th December Islington Mill. This poster was made by Jess Higgins, number one independent woman who is also about to drop the mother of all zines 'MUSEUMS' which as mentioned will contain a free compilation tape which we've been working really hard to ensure will be worthy of accompanying such a beautiful publication. 
Vice called TEEN SHEIKHS  " The Raddest dudes around right now" and likened them to  "Shop Assistants covered by Times New Viking" which is both funny and kind of true.

The photograph of this poster for the show of the century can hardly do it justice. It ought be light-box-mounted and hung in a museum. You should really hit the streets and try to see one in real life. Printed on two sides of tracing paper from collage and hand-made letter stamps it might be our favourite poster ever. Thanks Lucy.
 And what a show it will be: SIC ALPS seem to finally be getting their dues after releasing about a million records on all the coolest record labels (awesome vistas, siltbreeze, slumberland etc etc) they've just had a compilation on Drag City and are currently on tour  with Sonic Youth. Click HERE to find out more and buy a ticket (you will need one). Ty Segall will be performing for one of the first times ever on this continent. WOW! 

NEW MIX DROPPING SOON! check ya later

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