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as the poster (below) implies we will be playing records every monday upstairs in Trof, Fallowfield. Last week, as well as plenty to feast your ears on they were also serving up free food from their new menu. WOW! What'll happen this week? 

If you read this poster  you will see that we are playing records the next night, Tuesday too. This time at the DEAF INSTITUTE with the amazing NITE JEWEL; probably the only band in the world that could have records out on paw tracks and Italians Do It Better. Occupying some weird nether world between your worst nightmares and your sweetest dreams, conjuring the ghosts of disco past and future. When Ariel Pink said that his aim for the Haunted Graffiti project was to make the saddest, most nostalgia laden music of all time, if he'd also wanted to make people dance to it and was, in fact a woman rather than dressing like one he'd sound like NITE JEWEL. Seriously recommend your attendance.

Then in a couple weeks, just a few days before the SIC ALPS show, our bros Hyacinth Girl managed to succeed where we failed and hook up a show for DIE! DIE! DIE! who are from DUNEDIN  and one of the most exciting bands around.  

P.S.The new Beat UNhappening mix 'Living It Down' is now very much downloadable, as are the other three

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