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Cannot believe that we didn't

post  this sooner.  What you see in the photograph below are some of the sixty something editions of Winebox 04- Solo Guitar. A beautiful and fashioned-by-hand ( from a Victorian-style bed-frame with NO POWER TOOLS) box-set containing three C-20's- one solo guitarist per side: Jon Collin, Infinite Light, Ross Parfitt, Tom Settle, Tom Carter & Matt Valentine.  Click the link to buy it, if there're even any remaining.  
Also contains Three silk-screened art prints- one by Lucy Jones, one by David Bailey and this one by our own Laetitia Glenton- 'CHURCH' Pencil and carbon-paper drawing.
We are so down with this next thing that we've set up an online shop expressly to sell it. Thanks Jess Higgins for tutorial. Former Bullies play the Sam Cooke songbook is 8 songs that share titles and some lyrics and 100% of the soul of Sam Cooke songs, recorded in one afternoon. 

Also wanted to remind you all that there are now 4 free, downloadable mixes to the right----> get on it. We've also been hard at work making this  BOX ELDERS tour happens and is as cool and radical as they warrant. Pretty much done now----->
Here's a video from a while back, in the last few weeks they've played SMMR BMMR, GONERFEST and shows with the Fresh & Onlys. They are currently, in anticipation of a release on the label, on the SHATTERED records tour with Hunx & His Punx, Jay Reatard and NoBunny. They rule hard.

Also, get saving up for the new 'MUSEUMS' zine - which as well as featuring the work of 11-ish visual artists will come with a free compilation tape curated by US! And it will be amazing. The concept is simple- we just asked some of our favourite people who make music if we could have a song and most of them said yes.  Much more on this very soon, and they we will not stop going on about it until they're all gone and the next one is ready
Oh yeah almost as amazing as all of the things previously posted is this MONSTER:

We've also cat-sat for this beautiful little fella name a Frederik. This is the second time we've had our hearts broken saying goodbye to a little kitten.

 The last time, with Nina, one of us got our eye-scratched too so progress is made. Inexplicably, we were not responsible for the naming of either of them despite the fact that our favourite Royal-cocaine-dealer and B-movie starlet folksploitation duo are 'Nina & Frederik'.

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