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'Dylan's Birthday Present'

is the name of what will be our first ever audio release.
IRMA VEP 'DYLAN'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT'  is A C-55 of pure Rothko darkness and beauty, 12 songs/self-eviscerations recorded by the guy in the foreground of the above photograph* as a birthday present for the guy in the background (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN!)

Street date November 18th: five years to the day from our first ever show
PRE-ORDER now from HERE and get it before everyone else and to guarantee you get one 
(first run 50 copies)

Some guys that played that first ever show, and  also have a new tape for sale HERE have just made two videos with David Bailey on webcam duty:


Simon Joyner, the reason this whole thing started also has a new album out. It is called 'Out Into The Snow' and we recommend you buy that HERE where you can also buy a T-shirt designed by afore-mentioned video-director David Bailey.
 * taken by Adam Faulkner

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David Bailey said...

hahahahha, very cool comment mate. nick just brought home a bumper box of tape-o-zoids, they look classsssss