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TONIGHT! STOMACH PUMP exhibition opening

The Salford Zine Library collection, The Higgins Family collection and originals from MUSEUMS no.1 will all be exhibited and MUSEUMS no.2 will also be available for FREE to the first 15 attendees. MUSEUMS no.2 consists of 25 different zines made by some of Jess' Favourite people housed in block-printed pizza boxes. There is a zine by each of us in there in addition to our contributions to Andrew Beswick's 'Knick Knack' poetry zine which is also included. Other contributors include  Lucy Jones, David Bailey, Julia Scott, Matthias Connor, Katy Flynn, Jess Higgins, Miriam Avery and Edwin Stevens, NO WOMB, Alex Humphrys, Laura Skilbeck, Matthew Walkerdine, Kate Armitage, Sophie Lea Perry, Joseph Logan and more. It's gonna rule for sure.

We'll post photo's here of this and last weeks Mount Pleasant exhibition. After you go to this you should probably go to the Deaf Institute where Dinner Party and WAITERS both play now wave's BEST COAST show.

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