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Simon Joyner is giving away cd's, records and t-shirts

to raise money for his daughter Tinca to study at a Native American reservation. He explains the details better than we can so we'll hand it over after noting that the albums he is giving away are some of the greatest ever made and that the t-shirts are designed by David Bailey and feature the 'skull' design he made for the winter 2007 UK tour:
Simon Joyner CD, LP and T-Shirt GIVE-AWAY!

Hey everybody, I'm raising money to send my daughter Tinca on a
service project to the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana this summer.
She's been accepted by the Visions Service Adventures organization
(read about it at

To meet the tuition requirements, we are giving away my cds and
t-shirts with every donation we receive. I have the following titles
available on cd: Out Into the Snow, Skeleton Blues, Beautiful Losers,
The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll, and Lost With the Lights On.

I also have silver-on-black American Apparel Simon Joyner skull
t-shirts and black-on-maroon skull t-shirts in most sizes (s, m, l,
xl). Every donation helps but any amount over $7 gets you a free cd or
t-shirt shipping included.

To donate to the cause, use the Paypal donation button on Tinca's blog
( or send directly to via Paypal. If you are an international donor,
we can't include shipping so write me for a shipping total before
making your donation. When donating, please indicate which cd or
t-shirt color and size you would like in the "Notes" section at Paypal
and include your shipping address.

Any donation of $50 or more gets you all five available cds AND a t-shirt!

If you prefer vinyl to cd, any donation of $20 gets you an
inscribed LP. I have the same titles available on vinyl, plus the
following older titles: Songs for the New Year, Heaven's Gate, 2xLP
Yesterday Tomorrow and In Between, and Stranger Blues (a limited
edition collaboration with Dennis Callaci on Catsup Plate Records).

You can get all 9 vinyl LPs and a t-shirt for any donation of $100 or
more. If you already have the music but want to donate, we can send
the cd, lp, or t-shirt as a gift to a friend of your choosing, just
let us know.

Finally, Sara and I will be posting a big public thanks with a list of
donors on our Facebook pages (unless you prefer to remain anonymous)
and Tinca will post a thank you list on her blog as well. Feel free to
pass this along and thanks for considering a donation.

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