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Okay, this is probably the most exciting weekend of the year so far!
Sunday sees the return of SOUNDS FROM THE OTHER CITY , as part of which we've invited 7 of our favourite bands to come and play at The King's Arms. The Sounds From The Other City poster you see at the top of the page was designed by Dave Bailey and Lucy Jones of Mount Pleasant who both have work on show in the amazing MUSEUMS PRESS  group show at Islington Mill (1st floor) alongside all of the great people who's names you can see on the poster above which includes, you'll notice, Jess Higgins and Matthew Walkerdine the people responsible for MUSEUMS PRESS and also the SONNY SMITH 100 RECORDS poster displayed on this page.

SONNY SMITH 100 records and the MUSEUMS PRESS exhibition are both open for viewing for the duration of SOUNDS FROM THE OTHER CITY and are both essential viewing experiences. Both are also open for sneak previews tomorrow so after you've visited Salford Zine Fair check them out and be an expert ready for Sunday when everybody will be asking 'what's that?'

Sonny Smith 100 RECORDS in an exhibition which takes, as it's jump-off, 100 records Sonny and his friends made for a whole host of imaginary bands- the artist and song names of which were presented to a list of visual artists who were asked to realise the cover artwork of the imaginary songs while Sonny went about recording the songs. At the exhibition you can look at the record covers (made by some of our very favourite artists like Chris Johanson, Mingering Mike, Johanna Jackson, John 'OH SEES' Dwyer etc etc) and select a song from the Jukebox. Exciting right?

Sonny Smith's real band SONNY & THE SUNSETS will also be performing for us and you all at The Kings Arms as part of Sounds From The Other City alongside GIRLS NAMES, VERONICA FALLS, ANIMALS & MEN, GOLDEN GRRRLS, IRMA VEP and FEEL RIGHT

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